An American seafood problem.


Every fish tells a tale. A story from ocean to plate.

In the early days of our country, the tale told was always short and perfectly sweet. It involved fishermen, fishmongers, and their customers. The journey from ocean to plate was a matter of hours, so the fish was always fresh.

90% of the fish we eat today tell a different story – one spanning months, not hours— that begins overseas in countries like China, Vietnam, and India, where 50% all fish are harvested in often-overcrowded fish farms polluted by fecal matter, toxins from agricultural runoff, and banned antibiotics.

Then the fish are frozen, packed into cargo holds, and shipped thousands of miles to America, where the fish is imported— often without even being inspected— thawed, processed, repackaged, refrozen, often mislabeled, and sold to unsuspecting consumers as being “fresh.”




We’ve banded together Florida Keys commercial fishermen and are connecting them directly with you – America’s community members and local restaurants. We’re selling fish that once again tell a short and perfectly sweet story; a story that’s fresh, never frozen; a story that's wild-caught in America’s waters; and a story that only involves three “Hands” –


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